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3D Web Point Cloud Data Processing

The most advanced solution to get instant value from your point clouds.


Flyvast 1.1 now available

Independent Web 3D

Flyvast is a webGL solution to process, manage, publish and share 3D scan data (laser scanner, 3D sensor, LiDAR ...) autonomously.

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Unique and simple 3D web platform

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No software or plugin required

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Automatic and transparent 3D cloud data processing

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3D Web available on PC, mobile and other connected device

Compatibilité web


Web 3D Real Time

Flyvast developed by Geovast 3D uses a unique LiDAR processing technology to allow online 3D point cloud processing and visualisation.

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No loading times:  Real time 3D data

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Displaying massive 3D point cloud data through levels of detail (LoD)

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Resolution, complexity, accuracy and georeferencing information's are conserved

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Intuitive and fluid 3D navigation: virtual tour

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Optimized 3D Web rendering for major devices

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Customized tools for a better 3D display webGL viewer

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Big 3D Point Cloud data management without tiling

3D Point Cloud

Your 3D Point Cloud from laser scanner, UAV, SLAM, LiDAR, photogrammetry and other 3D sensors are directly integrated.

Do not bother about point cloud processing for reducing the complexity and precision of your 3D scan datasets: our 3D cloud technology allows to work with your full big point cloud data.

Access in real time the 3D cartography simply, without decimation thanks to the power of the 3D web viewer and the cloud algorithms for 3D processing and visualisation.

Cathedrale Saint Paul de Liège segmentée


3D Processing Tools

Using Flyvast 3D cloud and professional modules, extract added value from 3D point clouds.

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3D measure tools: distance, coordinates, height, altimetry

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Geolocalised label tool: insert text, hyperlink, HTML, ...

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Manage and share 3D scan projects with custom permissions

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3D Deliverable tool: create immediate virtual tour and freeze a 3D project state

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2D / 3D Cut, section for floor plan extraction

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Collaboration over organised 3D webGL projects

3D Big Data

Archive and manage your 3D Point Cloud Data in 3D projects, stored securely and visualise them in real time. Data visualisation for 3D scan mining.


3D Virtual tour

Organised, manage and publish 3D virtual tours for every audience - professionals and non-initiated - using our cutting-edge 3D website utilities.



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