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3D Applications

Small-scale 3D Capture

Scanner à triangulation Appareil photo Smartphone

5 WebGL use cases

  • Handle and measure 3D object(s)
  • Export dimensions for 3D printing
  • 3D impact simulation by site insertion
  • Creation of a 3D digital portfolio
  • 3D scan database management

Manage 3D point clouds captured by laser scanner, 3D sensor and smartphones and discover sharp details, analyse interest points and create a true 3D web real time presentation.

Flyvast Web 3D

3D Point Cloud | Photogrammetry | Denmark | Florent Poux

Flyvast 3D Web

3D Point Cloud | Laser Scanner | Belgium | University of Liège

Exterior 3D Scan

Scanner à triangulation Appareil photo Smartphone UAV

5 Examples of 3D Web data uses

  • Collaborative 3D project management, including 3D measurements, cut & section, 3D point cloud layers ...
  • Create user rights for your clients and team members
  • Create 2D & 3D deliverables 
  • 3D Virtual tours with labels and interactions
  • Export point cloud renderings

Explore 3D scan captured from UAV, laser scanner, LiDAR and dense image-matching 3D reconstruction. The 3D real time webGL technology gives you a creativity freedom.

Indoor 3D reconstruction

Scanner laser terrestre Appareil photo Smartphone

5 Optimized 3D applications

  • Inventory, manual 3D object detection and classification
  • 3D virtual tour with room labelling
  • Semantic analysis and color / attribute based visualisation
  • Cut, section and floor plan extraction from point cloud data
  • Layer categorization for easy data mining

Indoor 3D scan real time visualisation, management and 3D point cloud labeling.


3D Point Cloud | Laser Scanner | Holland | University of Liège


3D Point Cloud | Laser Scanner | Photogrammetry | Belgium | University of Liège

Indoor and Outdoor 3D Scan

Scanner à triangulation Caméra Smartphone UAV

5 Usage of 3D Web Point Cloud data

  • Level of Detail (LoD) 3D algorithms for the visualisation of 3D Web point cloud data.
  • 3D Point Cloud data management through indexed 3D archives instantly rendered.
  • 3D Geometry analysis, cut & section deliverables (3D Indoor and Outdoor).
  • 3D measurement based on georeferenced 3D point cloud spatial data.
  • Web Point Cloud management through WebGL reactive interface for sharing project with user and permissions control.

Handle 3D point clouds from Sfm (structure from motion) reconstruction, UAV, laser scanner, MLS ... Leverage our 3D multi-scale engine for multi resolution data fusion independently of your 3D sensor.

Large scale 3D cartography

Scanner à triangulation LiDAR UAV

5 Usages of Online Point Cloud

  • Classification visualisation regarding ASPRS standard
  • 3D Real Time visualisation with georeferenced point cloud.
  • Smart database for instant spatial request based on point cloud.
  • Export cut, section or profiles for accurate 2D digitization.
  • Floodplain simulation and 3D point cloud altimetric analysis.

Leverage the full resolution LiDAR provided by Level of Detail Point Cloud data management of our 3D webGL solution.


Multi-scale 3D Point Cloud | LiDAR | Europe | SPW / Faro


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